Dear Parent,

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Cognitive Therapist. As a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist, I find great importance in the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviors in shaping our experiences. It is in exploring these connections that we are able to bring about positive change and helpful cognitive (thinking) and behavioral habits. The benefits to doing so can be seen in various settings and circumstances – i.e. academic, home life, socially – and in a child’s general sense of health and wellbeing. It is possible to develop skills that make the inevitable difficulties in life more manageable and the seemingly small, but positive aspects more pronounced and meaningful. Additionally, research has shown CBT to be an effective treatment for many mental health disorders experienced by children, as well as adults.

The purpose of my work is to introduce a child to ideas and skills that he or she will use and refine over time, and to assist parents in ways of reinforcing and encouraging their child’s helpful practices. CBT emphasizes collaboration between child and therapist, and seeks to explore and modify beliefs and behaviors as a means of finding greater wellbeing, pleasure and accomplishment. Taking such an approach to therapy has profound effects, as it not only addresses the presenting problems of now, but also develops skills that are useful across the lifetime.

I would gladly speak with you about my expertise and treatment approach as you consider treatment options for your child. If interested, please call for a free phone consultation.


Jennifer Rodgers, LCSW